Raven Facility


No Honor Among Thieves


Once you drop through the grates to stop Fable at the airfield, look around the perimeter of the room. You'll find it on one of the desks.




Overstrike 9


Intelligence Case 311050: Deveraux, Naya Vanshi

Subject Status: Active

Directive: Terminate on Sight

As far as we can tell, Ms. Deveraux has worked as a contract hitter in the private sector since her twenty-first birthday. Detailed intelligence on her targets is difficult to come by, but we believe she was at least partially responsible for the death of Ron Mueller, a retired MI-6 operative who sought to publish his memoirs. Originally our offer to Luther extended to his daughter as well. Luther agreed to join, but his daughter refused. In our most recent interview with Captain Deveraux he claimed they have been astranged ever since, but we have reason to believe she has been attempting to locate him. Captain Deveraux insists that his daughter would be an asset to our organization, but our assessment team is skeptical. Naya is head strong and resistant to authority, even her employment in Overstrike seems like a temporary affair designed to help her locate and extract her father. 

Captain Deveraux further stated that he has no investment in his daughter's life, however he refused to take a polygraph to support this claim. We are aware of what he's done for our organization, so out of respect we allowed him to opt out. However, we highly recommend advising Captain Sovlenko to monitor his actions closely while he stays at the Triton Outpost.

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