Fable's Faction


Synthetic Exoskeleton Mech


Hand-carried rocket-shooting "Titan"


- Heavy Melee

- Deployable Magshield

Armor (Health)


The Leadshot is an enemy appearing in Fuse. He is first encountered at the Jodhpur Stronghold.


Despite having the same structure, armor strength, and mobility as the Leadfoot and the Leadfire, Leadshots prefer to keep as far away from the enemies as possible, so they can fire rockets from a safe distance. Leadshots also have the ability to deploy a large Magshield and utilize this ability to shield itself from attacks from any angle while safely firing its rockets through the shield. These rockets utilize a targeting merchanism, similar to the Whistler and the Enforcer, as well as causing the same amount of damage. If engaged up close, it will either swing its weapon at you, deploy a Magshield to block your way, or repel you with a rocket.


This is one enemy that requires you to close the distance around the Leadshot to take away its main advantage: being able to attack from a safe distance as it deploy its large Magshield to protect itself. If it deploy its Magshield, you will need to find a way to get around it. Note that the rockets that the Leadshot fire are capable of going over cover, which is an even more important reason to get close to the Leadshot and its vulnerable Fuse tank on its back.


  • The Leadshot is the only mech that does not have the ability to teleport, although it's the only one to utilize a Xenotech weapon (Magshield).
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