Hyperion Base


They Came... They Saw...


After crawling through the vent, proceed through the next door. Immediately after, it sits on the floor.




Classified Experiments

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Abraham Monday, Director

From: Dr. Sarah Heller, Electro-Optic Engineer

Re: Immediate Resignation

Dr. Monday, 

I've given serious thought to last night's conversation, and I've decided I just can't do it anymore. It was one thing when we were trying to do some good in the world, but now it feels like Central Intelligence has turned us into a building full of Oppenheimers. The idea that Xenotech could get out and be used to kill people is something I lose sleep over, and I just can't accept a role in it.

I will turn over all my research and data stacks to Juliet Pierce before I clean out my office. I also fully understand that I must submit to a mnemonic wipe prior to depature. This I will happily do, as I want nothing more than to forget that we ever found this compound.

By the time you read this, I will have forgotten you, So please, accept my thanks for all the years of mentoring and consider my parting words to an old friend: discontinue Fuse research. It will only end in our destruction. 


Dr. Sarah Heller

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