As a community that will see many contributors and contributions, it is important that we have an established set of rules to follow to ensure the success of this wiki. Outlined below is a list of rules that every contributor will be expected to follow. This list is subject to change, so be sure to check constantly. All changes to the rules should be run by DampRevil.

General Rules

  1. Respect every contribution made by any contributor.
  2. No profanity  unless it's a direct quote from Fuse. 
  3. No edit wars. Contributors must agree on edits maturely. If this cannot be done, an Administrator will deal with the situation accordingly.
  4. Vandalism, of any sort, will not be tolerated. If a page is constantly vandalized, it will be locked until an Administrator says otherwise. 
  5. Harassment, of any sort, will not be tolerated. Insults, threats, or semi-threatening messages posted on another contributor's page will have consequences.
  6. Contributors do not need permission to create pages, edit pages, upload photos, upload videos or create blogs. All photos are to be appropriate for a wiki. This means no obscene images, unless it pertains to Fuse. Any inappropriate photos will be deleted.
  7. When editing or creating pages, no speculation or personal opinions should be added. 
  8. Changes may not be made to the homepage without approval from an Administrator. Suggestions about how to improve the homepage are welcomed.
  9. Contributors may not edit any templates featured on the home page. 

Chat Rules

  1. Respect other users in the chat. Harassment will not be tolerated.
  2. Profanity will not be tolerated and will be dealt with accordingly.
  3. Keep the conversation as civil as possible. The chat will be displayed throughout the wiki and seen by all visitors.

Administrator Rules

  1. Being an Administrator is a privilege, not a right. Do not abuse the position.
  2. All Administrators must agree on major changes to the wiki, this is not a dictatorship. Everyone is equal and has a say in how the wiki is run.
  3. All Administrators have the right to apply consequences maturely. Administrators do not need premission to hand out punishments, though they can consult with other Administrators to decide on the best course of action.

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