Sheng Island


All War is Deception


After Meilin's Whistler escapes, you'll enter a large brown room. Head left from your entrance to find it atop a small table.




Corrupted Fuse

From Luther Deveraux is one of the intel found on Sheng Island. It is a letter to Meilin Mao from Luther Deveraux about him transporting the corrupted fuse to their safehouse to sell them to potential buyers.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Captain Meilin Mao

From: Captain Luther Deveraux

Re: Fuse Transport

Captain Mao,

Per The Board's instructions, I have begun preparations to transport the remainder of the corrupted Fuse to our safe house. The Board believes (and I agree) that once the buyers see the potential of our new product, they will attempt to acquire it though alternative means. It'll be kept safe under lock and key while you and the other captains run the auction. 

Finally, word has come down the wire that after the auction is concluded, there will be no further use for William Fable. Should he press you for payment, direct him to me and discontinue the conversation. I will handle him myself when he arrives at the Raven facility

Warmest Regards,