Grigori Station


One-Way Trip


During the firefight in the tram station, look toward the center of the room for a lower area you can drop to. Down there, you'll find it under a walkway.




Order of Grigori

Fable's Friends is one of the intel found in Grigori Station. It is a letter to a member friend about the suspicious community surrounding the Order of Grigori.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Andrew Butler

From: Damian Villamizer

Re: Fable's friends

Hey Drew,

Our new boss' friends are starting to creep me out. They never talk to us. Never look at us. They barely acknowledge that we even exist. All they do is stand off in little circles and whisper to each other, like they know something we don't. And those masks - they never take them off. Are these really the people we want in control of our future? They look at us like ants in an ant farm; something to be observed and studied. It gives me the chills everytime I see 'em.

I'm starting to think we made a mistake.


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