Sheng Island


All War is Deception


Just before you rally up to breach the cracked wall, look right of the wall to find it atop some cases.




Raven Leadership

Another Operation? is one of the intel found in Sheng Island. It is a letter from mission control to Sheng Island's head of security about William Fable asking him about "launching the fuse missile from outer space."

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Charles Kendricks, Head of Security

From: Dr. John Westmore, Sheng Mission Control

Re: Another Operation?

Dr. Mr. Kendricks,

Something strange just happened. William Fable was just in here asking about the range statistics of our new Fuse warheads. Only thing is, he was asking about what would happen if one was fired from outer space. I thought he was joking, but he just stared at me as if he was dead serious. Does Raven plan to launch Fuse from space? Seems ridiculous even to write, but Fable seemed pretty convinced it could work. 

Please let me know immediately.



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