Grigori Station


One-Way Trip


Once you enter the station proper, you'll have to climb into a crawlspace. Before doing so, follow the yellow tubing near the crawlspace to spot it.




Corrupted Fuse

A New Tomorrow is one of the intel found on Grigori Station. It is an announcement to all Order of Grigori members by William Fable in preparations of ending global conflict.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: All Members

From: Chairman William Fable

Re: A New Tomorrow

Members of the Order,

In preperation for tonight, I have authorized our new employees to tighten up security around the station. All new arrivals are to check in with security personnel on the main promenade and proceed to their assigned stations. Rest assured, everyone will have a clear view of the main event. 

If you see anyone you do not recognize, please report them immediately to one of the guards. 


William Fable

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