Raven Facility


The Long Road in


Once you enter the first building, you'll be in a large, open room with a rally point. Follow the yellow pipe around the corner to the right to snag it before moving on.




Shifting Allegiances

A New Opportunity is one of the intel found in Raven Facility. It is a personal recording of a Raven soldier who is considering of joining an "order" told by a "man."

Audio LogEdit

Soldier: Two years I've been with this outfit, doing everything they tell me to do. Eat, sleep, shit, shoot -- and for what? To freeze my ass off for no money and no country to go home to? Something's gotta change. A man came up to me tonight and told me about a new opportunity. A new furture, with some... Order, or club or something. He's already got a bunch of the guys on his side. I'm thinking of taking him up on it.

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