Sheng Island


All War is Deception


Just after exiting the elevator, you'll fight some Raven soldiers and infiltrators. When you hit the switch to open the next door, you'll spot it next to the switch.




Corrupted Fuse

A Message From The Board is one of the intel found on Sheng Island. It is an encrypted message to Meilin Mao warning about the presence of Overstrike 9.

Intel DocumentEdit

To: Captain Meilin Mao


Re: Triton Outpost

Captain Mao,

Be advised, we have just been informed that Triton Outpost has been destroyed and Overstrike agents may be in the vicinity. It is possible the agents also perished in the destruction, but until we hear confimation, you are to be on full alert. 

If Dalton Brooks or any of the other agents attempt to disrupt the laucnch, orders are to terminate them on sight. 

Your continued loyalty and cooperation is appreciated.

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